Balada – Gusttavo Lima


Your Piano Song played several songs on piano. Here you can download the by Your Piano Song played song Balada by Gusttavo Lima MP3 or download the free sheet music.


Balada Boa by Gusttavo Lima

Balada Boa originally performed by Gusttavo Lima is an immense popular number around the world. That’s the main reason we’ve covered Balada Boa. Some weeks ago we made a cover and uploaded this cover to Youtube. Please visit our channel to see our own interpretation of Balada Boa played on a digital piano. Balada Boa by Gusttavo Lima is fully played by ear so it are not the original music sheets that can be downloaded on our site. Because of  “the play by ear” versions on our website also this song, Balada Boa isn’t hard to play at all. If you have some piano skills, with some practise and our notes, your are able to play Gusttavo Lima’s song Balada Boa in a few days. If Gusttavo Lima comes with a new popular number. We will cover that song to. Please come back soon on our website for new releases or follow us on Twitter or Facebook and be the first to download newly released mp3’s and sheet music!


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YourPianoSong sheet music

Balada Boa (Gusttavo Lima) – Sheet Music


YourPianoSong mp 3

Balada Boa (Gusttavo Lima) – YourPianoSong




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